Every carat equals 100 points.



Cut of diamonds are graded as fallows, EXELLENT, VERY GOOD, GOOD, FAIR, and POOR.  A round diamonds is graded in 3 categories Cut, Polish and Symmetry.  all other shapes of diamonds are graded only in 2 categories Polish, and Symmetry.



White diamonds are graded from D (being the whitest) to Z.  The farther away from D the more the color will be visible.  For colorless the diamond needs to have a grading of D, E, or F.  For near colorless the grading needs to be G, H, I, or J.  For faint color K, L, and M. After M a diamond will not get a specific letter any longer but will be put in a categories of  3 letter for instance R,S,T.  From N to R, diamonds are considered very light color and S to Z, are light color.



Clarity goes as fallows FL (flawless) IF (internally flawless) VVS1, VVS2 (very very slightly included) VS1, VS2 (very slightly included) SI1, SI2, SI3, (slightly included) I1, I2, I3, (included) Normally any flaw from the SI categories and above will not be visible to the naked eye.



Fluorescence is the visible light some diamonds emit when they are exposed to invisible ultraviolet (UV) rays.  It can occur in variety of strengths or intensity.  It could add to the look of the diamond or influence it negatively depending on the color of the diamond.  In most cases it give the diamond a cloudy look.  This is something natural and it is within the diamond.